• Serving Federal Government

    We have delivered innovative and high quality software solutions to multiple federal departments, such as Defense, Agriculture, Commerce, Interior, State, Transportation, Energy and Treasury 
  • Cloud Infrastructure

    We apply a variety of cloud and big data software configurations such as CloudStack, CloudBase, OpenStack, Xen Cloud Platform, and Hadoop, as well as performing migrations to Azure and Amazon
  • Agile Engineering

    “(Golden IT) velocity has been close to 105%…..which far exceeded the Government requirement ….. of 80%.....while maintaining a funds burn rate that was less than anticipated in the government estimate.” That’s an authentic customer quote. We know Agile better than most
  • Large Data

    Golden IT oversees the movement of 20+ billion records between our customers systems on a nightly basis utilizing 4,000+ extract-transform-load (ETL) scripts. We are building an enterprise data warehouse with more than a trillion records. Structured or unstructured, we know how to lasso large data and through advance Data Analytics we turn it into information and actionable knowledge..


"Golden IT vision is to provide quality digital services to the Goverment .Our business strategy is to understand specific IT modernization needs of Federal agencies, establish a scalable business model, and provide quality services to our Federal clients’ specific needs."